Nkoua Ngavouka Maryse Dadina





January 2012/March 2015 Elettra Sincrotrone Radiation/University of Trieste, Trieste, ITALY

Ph.D in Nanotechnology and Nanosciences

Title: “Conformational Properties of Variable Density DNA


Supervisors: Dr. Loredana Casalis, Dr. Pietro Parisse and Prof.

Giacinto Scoles

August 2010/August 2011 The Abdus Salam, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP),

Trieste, ITALY

Diploma in Condensed Matter Physics

August 2008/August 2009 University Marien Ngouabi, Faculty of Sciences, Brazzaville, CONGO

“Maîtrise” in Physics


May 2016 (On going)  Departments of Physics- University Marien Ngouabi,

Brazzaville, CONGO.


Giving module in General Experimental Physics, Biophysics and Condensed

Matter Physics.

 Institut National de Recherche en Sciences Exactes et

Naturelles (IRSEN)/Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et Appliquée,

Brazzaville, CONGO.

Researcher associate

➢ Involve as a technical researcher to protect the Congolese public and

his environment against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.

➢ Involve in the algae culture and extraction (In Congo river) for

Nkoua Ngavouka Maryse Dadina, PhD

07/09/1986,Brazzaville C -O NGO

Brazzaville, Congo



Biomass project to produce solid, liquid and gaz combustible.

➢ Working with UV-vis for absorption spectra for typical plant species in

the extraction analysis.

➢ Working on the establishement of a well equiped radiochemical

laboratory by submitting project to get funding for materials



Elettra Sincrotrone Radiation/ NanoInnovationLab, Trieste, ITALY

Post-Doctoral Fellow (INSTM/ICTP Project in Italian Laboratories)

Reconstruction of membrane protein assemblies into supported lipid

bilayers using Atomic Force Microscopy and Fluorescence Microscope.

January 2012/March


Elettra Sincrotrone Radiation/ NanoInnovationLab, Trieste, ITALY

PhD student

Worked on performing and developing a device at the nanoscale for the

early detection of biomarkers. I used AFM based nanografting to produce

DNA nanoarrays with variable molecular density capable of rapid and

accurate detection of DNA/miRNA targets (miRNA reported to be differently

expressed in patients having different level of heart failure), through the

measurement , via AFM, of the different nanomechanical response of ssDNA

and DNA/miRNA hybridized nanopatches.

October 2013 Austrian Small Angle X-ray Scattering beamline, Trieste, ITALY

Assistant Technician Student

 Practically applied the technical knowledge from my degree to a live

exploration project. Project based on the design of a two set-up flow for

time dependent analysis of gold nanoparticles modified with DNA.

 Attended courses on general training of employees for the prevention

and safety in work place environment. Set up, adjusted, maintained and

cleaned laboratory equipment daily.


 Atomic Force Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscope, Scanning Electron

Microscope, Optical Microscope, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Small

Angle X-Ray Scattering, Radiameter, Ionization chamber.


 G. Doni, M. D. Nkoua Ngavouka, A. Barducci, P. Parisse, A. De Vita,G.

Scoles, L. Casalis, G. M. Pavan. "Structural and energetics basis for

hybridization limits in high-density DNA monolayers”. Nanoscale 2013,

5, 9988-9993.

 M. D. Nkoua Ngavouka, A. Bosco, L. Casalis, P. Parisse.

"Determination of average distance in variable density ssDNA

nanobrushes in the presence of different cations species”.

Macromolecules 2014.

 M. D. Nkoua Ngavouka, P. Capaldo, E. Ambrosetti , L. Casalis, G.

Scoles, P. Parisse. "Mismatch detection in DNA monolayers by Atomic

Force Microscopy and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy”.

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 2016, 7, 220-227 .



• French (Mother tongue)

• English (Fluent)

• Italian (Fluent)

Communication Skills

• Excellent interpersonal skills, effective reporting, meeting, analytical

and motivational skills.

• Excellent oral and written comminication skills gained through my

experience as teaching assistant.

• Great ability to manage multiple projects and priotize based on


Organisational / managerial skills

• Reporter of the Training on Physical Protection and Security Management

of Radioactive Sources, held in Brazzaville, 26-30 September 2016.

• Alongside my own research, I have co-supervised the laboratory project of

three undergraduate student, both in the day-to-day running of the

project and its overall planning, which has yielded valuable data.

• Speaker in the “Donne Africa” association (Italy) to promote and motivate

African women in science.

Computer skills

• Applications: Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel, etc)

• Operating systems: UNIX, LINUX, Windows 7, Windows XP and iOS.

• Programming languages: Fortran and Matlab

• Software modelling: Autodesk Inventor Pro (basique), VMD, NAMD, Adobe

Photoshop, IGOR pro and XEI.



• Regional Training Course on Determination of Po-210 in Environemental

Samples by Alpha-Particle Spectrometry, Rabat-Morocco (April 24-28,


• Regional Training Course on Best Practices in Proficiency Tests for

Measurement of Radionuclides in Environemental Samples, Addis

Ababa-Ethiopia (March 6-8, 2017).

• 4th African Conference on Quality Management in Nuclear Industry and

research Laboratories, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (9-10 March, 2017).

• Winter School on Quantitative systems on life sciences, Trieste-Italy

(December 5-17, 2016).

• Training on Physical Protection and Security Management of Radioactive

Sources, Brazzaville-Congo (September 26-30, 2016).

• 58th Annual American Biophysical Society Meeting. San Francisco-USA

(February 15-19, 2014).

• 9th European Biophysics Congress. Lisbon – Portugal (July 13-17, 2013).

• Synchrotron and Free Electron Laser based Methods and their

Multidisciplinary Applications. Trieste – Italy (March 19-30, 2012).

Awards and Fellowships

• Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei

Materiali(NSTM) Project in Italian Laboratories (January – June 2015)

• Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL) scholarship (July-

August 2015).

• Under European Research Council (ERC) Grant (January 2012-December


• Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL) scholarship

(September 2011- December 2011).

• UNESCO/ ICTP/IAEA scholarship (August 2010- August 2011).

• IUPAP Travel Grant for Women in Physics to ASESMA (July 2010)


Swimming, reading, cooking